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Welcome to the world of B.Zar Hotel&Co., a brand founded by three young entrepreneurs: Kaja Osinski, Austrian by birth but Roman by adoption; Filippo Ribacchi, a Roman dedicated to the tourism sector; Alessia Melisi, expert in business consultancy.


The brand, born in 2014, currently includes a series of structures in the HORECA sector, hotels and restaurants located in the heart of Rome. Specifically, there are currently 9 hotels, 4 boutique hotels, 2 restaurants and 2 rooftop bars.


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Free B.Zar Magazine

What to do in Rome this month? Exibitions, events, shopping and much more!

Cosa fare a Roma questo mese? Mostre, eventi, shopping e molto altro!


Free B.Zar Experiences

Discover Rome with us! Free tour to all the guests with our guide Virgilio!

Scopri Roma con noi! Tour gratuiti per tutti i clienti con la nostra guida Virgilio!



from our family

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Rooftop Bars

from our family

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B.Zar Business

For your Business travel in the Eternal City

Per i tuoi viaggi d'affari nella Città Eterna

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